Artists / Tobias Spierenburg
Dutch, born in Haarlem in 1977.

Education : Royal Academy of The Hague. Master's Degree at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.
To look at a canvas of Tobias Spierenburg is like tiptoeing into a realm of pure poetry. With a technique all his own, he invites us to watch (and watch and watch) at our equivalents in nature: the trees. Indeed often compared to Man himself, trees have always fascinated painters and poets alike. Tobias adds another dimension to this already exciting subject by placing his trees in an atmosphere of intemporality, thus presenting them as much with their essence as with their existence. And by painting often his trees in a break of day light, Tobias Spierenburg seems to invites us at a dawn of purity and beauty. Through Tobias’ love of the landscapes of Burgundy and the subtleties of French culture, his canvases remind us of the ethereal beauties of Debussy’'s music and of the joy of reading “Le grand Meaulnes”.

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