Artists / Serge De Backer
Belgian, born in Enghien (Edingen), 1954 - 2016.

Education: Academies in Brussels, private teachers in Belgium, several study trips in Germany (a.o. with a grant of the Goethe Institut) and in France.
Serge De Backer's drawings and paintings are the result of a patient maturation and of passionate work. We behold an art fed by autobiographical events and personal feelings directly projected with the utmost sincerity on canvas and paper. An art also nurtured by a solid knowledge of its history and by the study of the major philosophical and psychological problems. These elements having been analyzed and assessed, are then re-injected in (often highly coloured) big oils and medium-sized gouaches. Serge De Backer's paintings are not photographically realist, he prefers to express his own internal and personal reality through an expressionistic language, where and when the artist's brush is at its closest to his mind's impulses. This is an art laden with the weight of a half life-time of thought and drama.

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