Artists / Norman Faber
Catalan, born in Barcelona in 1973.

Education: Académie des Beaux-Arts, Brussels. Various exhibitions in Europe and the United States.
As can amply be seen further on our site (see Links/Cultural Information about Belgium/Famous Belgian painters of the past), Belgium is a land of painters, and we try to prove the continuity of this truth by presenting the works of young and mature Belgian talents. Catalonia is another blessed region in this respect. One has only to think of Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Antoni Tàpies, to cite only a few, to be convinced. is proud to introduce in its pages a young painter from that region, who combines the qualities one can expect from an artist whose roots are still very much implanted in vibrant Barcelona. Born into a family of artists, Norman Faber lives since 1987 in Belgium. There are several apparent and/or conscious lines of force in his paintings : an effort to put his whole personality in each work, a will to render symbolically and graphically well chosen memories of his youth, and an audacious research in the application of various materials on his canvases, combined with colours exactly adapted to his aims and endeavours. What may be less apparent, or even unconsciously present, is the weight of a Spanish/Catalonian pictorial tradition which tints thoroughly Norman Faber’s paintings. And there may also be a very real, if not avowed, urge to introduce in his works (created in rainy Belgium) the nostalgia for the glory of Catalonia’s sun and for all the radiance of a proud culture.

Norman Faber has also created a wonderful series of "Coudre-à-Machines" (brightly coloured super-sewing-machines). Discover them on the Specials page.

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