Artists / Michaël Beauvent (MikkaBo)
Belgian-Canadian, born in Québec in 1972.

Education : Beaux-Arts St-Luc, Liège, where he graduated with the highest honours.

Numerous exhibitions in Belgium, France, Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, etc.
When watching the works of Michaël Beauvent (aka MikkaBo), the beholder is overwhelmed by their quality and their diversity. And if he/she, as we were, is asked to make a choice in this vast production to show a representative sample, the task is nearly insurmountable, because for each work chosen there are ten others, as splendid as the elected one, that must reluctantly be put aside. Virtuosity, invention, humour, intelligence, expertise, depth, and more, are constantly to be found in the works of this astonishing young artist, to whom we predict a great future. At last, here is avant-garde tinted art that is not depressing (by its ineptitude, its void and its clumsiness), but joyous, fresh and attractively interesting.

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