Artists / Mathieu Weemaels
Belgian, born in Brussels in 1967.

Education : Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels de La Cambre, Brussels and Institut St-Luc, Brussels.
Various awards. Numerous exhibitions in Belgium and in Europe.
Honesty, simplicity, virtuosity, quality. These few words might suffice to describe Mathieu Weemaels’ art, but one feels compelled to say much more. Here we have an artist who has decidedly opted for figuration, and even realistic figuration, but who at the same time is obsessed by the virtual images (reflections) given by mirrors (single, sometimes double) and who even paints the virtual and deformed images of himself as they are reflected by his glossy tools, while, in his triptychs, he masterly restructures perspective. Thus, indeed, we find here so much more than plain realism. Mathieu’s majestic nudes appeal to the mind and the emotions of the beholder, less to his senses, and are devoid of any eroticism, on purpose. His subdued landscapes are quite impressive as well.
To obtain these dazzling results, Mathieu Weemaels alternates oil paint and the difficult technique of pastel (dry and oily). It should be noted that he makes these pastels, and his oil paints as well, by hand, according to a secular method.

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