Artists / Magda Ulrych
Belgian, born in Bydgoszcz (Poland) in 1972.

Education: Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels, where she graduated with honours, under the tutorship of a.o. Charles Szymkowicz.
Life and intelligence are very present in Magda Ulrych's canvases. Whereas in some works there is an evident holding back of her vitality, in other works she lets loose the forces that inhabit her. The impact on the beholder is strong indeed. Here we are confronted with the impulses of a bold personality that does not hesitate to confide her most intimate emotions to the canvas. And yet every line, every patch of colour, every image is subordinated to a will to have the mind well in control. This art may seem impulsive, but it is a false impression. What we see on Magda Ulrych's canvases is what the finest blend of soul and mind can produce, in daring colours. And, although one feels how much these works reflect her inner being, the mystery remains, as she does keep the actual and ultimate keys to her world well hidden.

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