Artists / Johan Baudart
Belgian, born in Tournai in 1961.

Education :
Académie des Beaux-Arts, Tournai (sculpture)
Académie de la Cambre, Brussels (monumental sculpture)

Our virtual gallery proudly presents some examples of the latest production of this multi-talented and proteiform artist. Now well established in mid-career, Johan Baudart shows us monumental and small steel sculptures, drawings, etchings and paintings, nearly all inspired by the playfulness and grace of roots. His virtuosic talent translates into abstract evocations of this newest source of inspiration, whether in his light smaller sculptures, or in his bi-dimensional works on paper or canvas, where a bridled impetuosity is masterly at work. There is also an example (more are available) of his monumental work, which shows the interplay and the contrast between the lightness of the workmanship and the robustness of the material, the curbs and the straight lines, the fullness and the emptiness within the volumes.

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