Artists / Jan Bollaert
Belgian, born in Antwerp in 1958.

Education : Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp and Art Academy of Mortsel, near Antwerp. Various exhibitions in Belgium, Holland and the United States.
Jan Bollaert was once a displaced person in his own lifetime. He would have liked to be a youngster in the innocent Fifties (to have a first-hand contact with his beloved American comic books' heroes) and a mature adult in the tumultuous Sixties (to meet and compete with the great Pop Artists and to be physically involved in that tremendous era), but also to have been an overall artist in Italy during the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Jan Bollaert calls this longing his "nostalgia for an imaginary past". Obstinately he began to transcend his impossible dream into an artistic achievement by blending these elements into amazing, stupendous pictures. Re-inventing his self, as well as Pop Art, at each step, he masterfully shows that he is the true heir to an incomparable art-movement. For our astonished pleasure.

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