Artists / Fred Michiels

Belgian, born in Hoogstraten, near Antwerp, in 1966.
Education : Art School Henry van de Velde, Antwerp. Obtained a grant from the Flemish Community in 1996, with an 18 months' stay in New York (at the prestigious Cooper Union).
Several Belgian and international exhibitions. is happy to welcome in its gallery a member of the NFS (the New Flemish School). The Millennium has seen an explosion of new and original talents in Flanders. Painters like LucTuymans, Michaël Borremans, Koen van den Broek, Vincent Geyskens, a.o., are part of a movement of loosely related individuals, who have absolutely no intention to form a group or publish a manifest, but who all share a love for the true art of applying paints on real canvases, and whose works were therefore instantly acclaimed, also (and especially) outside Belgium. Fred Michiels can safely be attached to this School, as his paintings are impregnated by the same zeitgeist and are of the same high quality. Discover them here. Further artistic-critical comments and explanations are not even necessary.

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