Artists / Chantal Borremans
Belgian, born in Brussels in 1952.

Education : Several academies a.o. the Académie des Beaux-Arts of Brussels. Various exhibitions in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and Burkina Faso.
To enter into Chantal Borremans’ pictorial world is to go back to the dawn of mankind, or at least to a period when the concept of scripture was in the air and civilizations were on the verge of inventing the signs that would eventually fix and transmit oral message into written words. When watching her paintings one feels like being in some kind of Atlantis where all the future alphabets and pictograms will soon emerge. But not only this aspect of her art is fascinating: its whole atmosphere bathes us in a universe peopled by evasive forms that we recognize from our collective memory. These superb works of art speak of a fancied prehistory and of recollections of very old mysteries. To reach this difficult goal Chantal Borremans blends various techniques and materials on her canvases, panels and terra cottas. Another source of inspiration is the magic of the sea-coast in Ostend, where she lives now. Sandbanks, beaches, dunes, skies, clouds, mists and waves are reinterpreted in sumptuous canvases and watercolours.

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