Artists / Baptiste Colmant
Belgian, born in Halle in 1980.

Education: Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Brussels, with the highest honours. Master of Arts, Sint-Lucas at Ghent, etc.
Awards obtained in 2002 : Prix Alexandre Alaux-Backès, Prix de la Fondation Horlait-Dapsens, Prix d'Excellence de la Ville de Bruxelles, Prix de la Ville de Bruxelles. 2003 : Distinction at the Prix Godecharle for painting. Grant of Fondation Spes 2006, etc.
Having understood how vain and futile some contemporary works can often be, Baptiste Colmant has been drawn to one of the fountainheads of the art of painting : the landscape. This genre might be considered as exhausted, but Baptiste Colmant brilliantly shows how mistaken that opinion is. He transcends the images seen during his strolls into sumptuous creations on canvas and on paper. His aim is to render the geometric figures and the special ambiance that characterize the (mainly) Belgian landscapes, into refined colours applied with various techniques, which Baptiste masters with an astonishing virtuosity. Under his eye, mind and brush the landscape becomes a means to explore the very essence of painting.

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